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Decorative Stone

Our decorative stone products come from Wyoming and Colorado. Choose from the wide variety of sizes and colors shown below.

These pictures may not represent the true color and size of the product. Please visit us to look at the material in person before ordering it.

Wyoming Pink
Wyoming Pink
Wyoming Pink 1/2"
Wyoming Pink 1-1/2"
Wyoming Red
Wyoming Red
Wyoming Red 1/2"
Wyoming Red 3/4"
Wyoming Red
Wyoming Red 1-1/2"
Colorado TriColor 1-1/2"
Butter Rock
Butter Rock 3/4"
Butter Rock 1-1/2"
Black Rock
Black Rock
Black Rock 3/4"
Black Rock 1-1/2"
Colorado Red Rose Rock
Firestone 3" x 1"
Colorado Red Rose 1-1/2"
Tan Rock
Multicolor Rock
Tan Rock 1-1/2"
Multicolor Rock 1-1/2"
Grey Limestone Rock
Ballast Rock
Grey Limestone 1-1/2"
Ballast Rock
Granite Rock
Granite Rock
Granite Rock 1/2"
Granite Rock 3/4"
Area#4 Granite Rock
Area #4 Granite Rock
1-3/4" x 1"


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